Our philosophy

Being an expert in language testing and assessment (PhD in Linguistics (on testing and assessment) I strongly believe that classroom-based assessment plays an important role on how teachers teach. Here is an inspirational quote which is the center of our educational program: ‘Tell me how you assess, and I’ll tell you how your students learn, I will know how teachers teach or which its institutional culture is’. 

Our students are the center of our program and for this reason we focus on the whole student and deliver a better way to learn. Our aim is to create global citizens who will be able to develop the core competencies which allow them to actively engage with the world.

We want our students not only to get certified but also to develop a love for the English language and the ability to communicate confidently in the spoken and written word. 

We create a positive learning environment for our students through the use of a variety of techniques into our lessons in order to accommodate the different needs of all of our students and keep the learners interested and motivated.


Dr. Renika-Irini Papakammenou